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State Street Beltway

I moved to Rockford from Chicago, travel there frequently for business, and live in downtown Rockford, so it's easy for me to view the city with "fresh eyes". When I consider the average person coming to Rockford for a volleyball tournament, or anything else downtown, the odds are "due to population" they will be coming from Chicago, and therefore will approach via State Street, not the 20, to Main steet wrap around, which will be nice, but inconvenient or at least counterintuitive for the average traveler. State street is the entrance to Rockford from the East and should be beautified, widened, and converted to a beltway, which allows continuous travel to a destination "like volleyball" yet still allows local trafic to visit shops etc... Chicago will never be anywhere but East, nor will any other town surpass it in population, making the Eastern entrance of "customers" to Rockford the most important as far as convenience and appearance go.



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