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I'm looking for your comments... Many of us have visited or lived in other wonderful cities with great downtown areas. So I'd like to know what kind of fun you had in another city's downtown or even in Rockford in the past. What attracts you to a city's downtown area-- please list specifics like types of stores, entertainment, parks, food & drink and other attractions you've enjoyed. I'll start -- One downtown I know has a block of shops that really complement each other. It's a destination -- there's a deli with a two-story playhouse to keep the kids busy, next to an amazing independent toy store, which is joined to a used/new bookstore and gift shop, which opens into a coffee shop/wine bar. All of them locally owned. There are interior doorways between the shops so once you're inside one, you can move into the next store without going out into the street again. I think it keeps people there longer. There are also tables and chairs throughout where people can hang out and use the free wifi, read, have a meal, talk with friends, etc. There are tables on the sidewalk in front of the deli. Bike racks and benches out front too. Where would you like to go if it existed downtown?



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